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16th November/Wednesday/

17.30 –“HEIDY” – solo performance by Alexander Georgiev, 30 min

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House”

19.00 – “The Spider” – thriller by Dimitar Dimitrov, Yordan Slaveikov, 65 min.

“Sfumato” Theatre (main stage)

21.00 – “There is such a play” – Tragicomic form of contemporary rethinking by Martin Vangelov, 80 min.

“Snejana” Gallery

17th November /Thursday/

17.30 – “Episode IV: Leisure time thoughts” Dance project by Zhana Pencheva for Garage Collective, 40 min.

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House”(Red hall)

19.00 –“Ball” – visual physical theatre, Peter Todorov, 45 min.

Puppets Theatre

20.30 – “PO BOX Unabomber” – theatre performance by Gergana Dimitrova,80 min.


18th November/Friday/

17.00 – Action “Chervyak” – synthetic theatre action by Valeriy Parlikov, 50 min.

ART Hostel

19.00 –“Museum of Hygiene” – Performance by Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager, Brain Store Project, 45 min.

National Theatre (4th Floor Hall)

20.30 – “A.S.A” – contemporary  dance performance by Derida Dance, 75 min.

Youth Theatre “Nikolai Binev“


19 November /Saturday/

17.00 – “Dead Dagmar or the little match girl” – pulp fiction by Ida Daniel & ghostdog, 70 min.

Sfumato Theatre (Underground hall)

19.00 – “In Be Twin” – dance performance by Nikolina Todorova & Denitsa Dikova, 40 min.

Sfumato Theatre

20.30 – “Prophecy” – multimedia performance by Veselin Dimov, 50 min.

Sfumato Theatre (Kamerna)

20th November /Sunday/


17.00 – “Garfunkel is looking for Simon” – absurd drama by  Kalin Angelov, 75 min.


19.00 – „Juanita Hildegard Bo” – solo, Galina Borissova, 55 min.

Center for Culture and Debate “Red House” (Red hall)

21.00 – “Strings” – contemporary dance performance by Petia Stoykova for Dune, 45 min.





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