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“Dagmar the Dead or the Little Match Girl”

17.00 – “Dagmar the Dead or the Little Match Girl” – pulp fiction by Ida Daniel & ghostdog, 70 min. , Sfumato Theatre (Underground hall)


Dagmar the Dead or the Little Match Girl (2010)

theatre | new Bulgarian playwriting

Written by ghostdog
Directed by Ida Daniel 
Music by Ambient Anarchist
Costumes by Daniela Ivanova
Ambience: Todor Stoyanov, Ida Daniel 
Photography by Georgi Radulov
Cast: Peter Meltev, Dimitar Markov, Leonid Yovchev, Yuliyan Petrov, Alexandar Mitrev 

Produced by Based on Actual Events Contemporary Alternative Art Association and Sfumato Theatre Laboratory.

Realized with the financial support of Sofia Municipality’s Culture Program and production team’s own funds.

With its black humor and countless references Dagmar the Dead gets spectators involved into a criminal investigation whose aim is (as in most cases) not to discover the truth but to score points for the investigating teams. We have to add that these are the teams of Heaven and Hell. The late Homer and Tupac Shakur are making some money as their informers. Maybe, after all, it is true that the Little Match Girl is not a sweet and innocent little girl. A performance about truth, lie and the beautifully little distance between.

After his collaboration with the team of Based on Actual Events Association the playwright ghostdog committed his text into the hands of director Ida Daniel (b. 1977).  Following her debut in 2005 with the performance of the Medieval morality play Everyman she went on to direct performances based on texts by Elfriede Jelinek and Katya Atanasova as well as musical and theatrical experiments developed jointly with the band Ambient Anarchist. In the beginning of this year she founded an organization called “Her Majesty, the Pressure Cooker, an Association for Contemporary Art Under High Pressure” (www.ohpressurecooker.blogspot.com).


19 November (Saturday), 5:00 p.m.
Sfumato Theatre Laboratory (Underground stage)
2 Dimitar Grekov Street
In Bulgarian (with English subtitles)
Duration: 70 minutes
Ticket price: BGN 10


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